Mk3 GTI VR6 Exhaust Upgrade


Jetex Exhaust, Aluminized Steel Cat Back Kit

Cost: $500 from Eurosport tuning-Canada

The goal was to replace the stock exhaust with one that provides a low restriction, quiet operation and low drowning at Freeway speed. The VR6 likes to rev, average freeway RPM is 3000~4000. In this RPM range, the stock exhaust feels like it’s chocking the engine.
After searching through various exhaust makers, I found a wide range of models from the loud and obnoxious that only add a modicum of power to the ones that are quiet and refined while significantly increasing the performance. And as I thoroughly studied the respective reviews, I decided to use the Jetex exhaust: a cat-back aluminized steel system with resonator.
The Jetex exhaust at low RPM sounds amazing, the idle sound is deep and sporty yet not loud. The exhaust gets quieter at higher RPM (~3000+, on 5th gear), freeway cruising speed and you could easily have a conversation with a passenger without having to yell.
The Jetex exhaust is even quieter than the stock exhaust until you step on the gas and then the exhaust gets louder as the engine comes to life roaring with a deep grunt. One could feel the responsiveness and the surge of power that follows it around 4000 RPM. However one thing to mention is that there was a noticeable amount of torque loss at low RPM compared to the stock setup.


The exhaust fittment wasn’t that great. The end tips were not level, it took some twisting and bending to get it straight.
Beside the installations issues, the coupler leaked and we eventually had to solder it in place rather than solely relying on the supplied bracket ( see pictures below)


I am planning to do a dyno test but for now I will refere to euro tuner test graph. This test shows an Mk4 Vr6 not Mk3 with a stock 162.79hp and 170.16 ft-lb torque. With the Jetex cat-back It’s 171hp and 182 torque.So it’s a gain close to 8 hp and close to 12 ft-lb of torque.


This is the Stock setup:

Vr6 stock exhaust note cabin sound test

The new Jetex exhaust box as it arrived in the mail.

Inside the box is a dual muffler and a resonator + tube fittings and brackets.

DSC_6765 copy





Vr6 Jetex exhaust note cabin sound test:

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