GTI VR6 Suspension Upgrade

Here is the stock suspension for comparison purposes:


I wanted a new lower and stiffer suspension for my GTI vr6 as the stock one was sitting too high off the ground.

The key requirements for the suspension were

  1. The suspension must not sit too low so it dosen’t scratch the oil pan every time i hit a speed bump.
  2. A stiffer suspension that won’t rattles my bones and shakes my teeth yet stiff enough to handle and corner well on fast turns as this car is my daily driver.

After many days of research i found the new H&R spring Touring Cup Kit to be the best fit. The H&R touring cup kit sku 31016T-3 is substantially stiffer than stock but softer than the sport version 31016-3 and it Lowers the car 1.4″ front, 1.3″ rear. It Fits Golf III VR6 and Jetta III VR6 only.

I bought mine from in January 2009 they had the best price at the time which was $ 578+sh



Here is snapshot of the wheel gap with before and after:


I live in Southern cali and i got my suspension installed at Renner motorsport, I always take my car there and they do a fairly god job. Ask for Ivo and mention diyrabbit and he will take care of you.

H&R cup kit suspension review:

After i have driven on this new suspension for 3 years now, I can surely say that i am really happy with it. It’s not too rough on the bumps. I was surprised by how well it absorbed the small patches on the road yet it still handled very well on the corners. I never scratched the oil pan or the bumper lip. I say two thumbs up !

Anyone that is looking for a sensible suspension without the agressive lowering the H&R touring cup kit is the one. I am impressed on how well it handles and performs on turns yet it’s smooth on the road. I love it!

Here is how the kit looked like when it came in the mail:

DSC_2287 copy

DSC_2291 copy

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