Things you need to get you started:

How to do replace coolant hoses on a Volkswagen MK3

  • 3 quarts of pentosin g12 coolant. I bought mine from MJM Autohaus
  • 1 Gallon of Distilled water.I got it from Ralphs but you can find it in any major grocery store.
  • 3.Upper and lower radiator hoses, heater core hose and any other hoses that is damaged.
  • 4.Water mixing bucket.
  • 5.Locking wrench.
  • 6.Disposal tank to dispose the old coolant.

Before you start make sure you follow this simple tip below on how to remove the clamp.

Flush out the old coolant and then replace the hoses
Once you replaced the hoses below start by mixing 1.5L of G60 coolant with 1.5L of distilled water-50/50 ratio then poring the mixture in the radiator.1 copy

2 copy

2-1 copy

4 copy

3 copy

5 copy

7 copy

8 copy

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