How to replace the spark plugs in a Volkswagen MK3


Step 1.

Pry open the spark plug cable from the ignition coil pack.

Step 2.

Remove the spark plug cable.


Step 3.

Get the VW spark plug OEM boot removal tool

Step 4.

Start with plug # 3 which is the one in front and furthest to your left (as shown). This one is easier to remove. Slide the tool all the way down and twist clockwise 1/4 to 1/2 turn until the tool locks on the spark plug connector groves.Then firmly pull on the tool but make sure you don’t damage the wire. If it doesn’t work then try again.It took me several trials to get it right.


Step 5.

Turn the wrench counter clockwise to remove the spark plug

Step 6.

The old spark plug was Bosch part# W0133-1635295.

Step 7.

Comparison between the old Bosch and the new NGK sparkplug.

Step 8.

The new sparkplug is NGK BKR 5 EKU. It’s the recommended OEM replacement.[the Bentley manual]

Step 9.

While at it make sure your spark plug wires are good. There resistance should be between 4000 to 6000 ohms according to the Bentley manual.

Step 10.

Now to remove the back spark plugs you need to remove the plastic cover.There are a total of 2 torx screws that you need to remove.

Step 11

Use 12pt or triple square (I used a Torx bit T-40 and worked fine) to remove the plastic cover screws.

Step 12

Remove the plastic cover

Step 13

It’s good to know that you need to apply 25 Nm of torque to secure the plug[Bentley manual]. After that you need to add the spark plug connector. This time you need to slide the tool the way it’s shown and make sure you push it firmly so that it’s secure and then you twist it COUNTERCLOCKWISE to release the tool. see next photo.

Step 14

Counterclockwise twist to release

Step 15

Congradulation on completing this tutorial. If you were able to finish it sucessfully then let me tell you how much you have just saved.

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